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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Natchez

This is a pic I took in New Orleans - you can see a reflection of the Natchez boat on the Mississippi in this sculpture.

I play this game with myself when I'm walking around outside. I try to eavesdrop into other people's conversations and see if I can pick up some funny tidbits. Today, a woman on her cell phone passed me and said this into the receiver: "To find a good man is hard, but to find a good mechanic is even harder".


I'm so sad about all the Katrina stuff. It seems like it was only yesterday we were in New Orleans for Dave & Christy's wedding. I met so many wonderful characters down there, and I hope every one of them is safe from harm. My friend Jeff made it out of there and is staying with his family in Missouri, but his home is most likely destroyed. New Orleans is a beautiful city, although most people only know it for Bourbon St. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone and their loved ones in the area.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chinatown Bus Craziness

Why didn't anyone tell me TWO busses blew up BEFORE I took the Chinatown bus last week!!!???

Did anyone see the VMA's? I'll have a full commentary up sometime this week. First the Chinatown busses blowing up, and now Suge Knight gets shot in the leg...what else could possibly happen in these dog days of August??

From: Kyle
To: Sara
Subject: Attached People Need Lust Too!

Message: I know there are some women out there that can separate sex from love and need a NSA sexual
relationship with an ultra clean decent man. So what about me? Well... I am in exactly the same
situation as you... and i love long island girls. I am seeking an ongoing arrangement that is purely
physical. I am not looking to leave my gf or fall in love. I am merely trying to fill the physical void for both of us. I want to be truly desired and experience that new person attraction/lust again! I think that i would like to meet 1-3 times a month. Communication is if you have a problem with anything do no hesitate to tell me. I am super attractive and fit, 6, 185lbs, masters degree, and have traveled the world. You will find me to be very passionate and generous as a lover and fun as a playmate. My offer is sincere and I am hopeful to meet the right woman who is also sincere. Absolute discretion required and assured.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Here are the nice photos :)

Still happy from Saturday night.

Yesterday was my parents' 33rd anniversary as well. I never forget, as it's the day after my bday every year :) I just finished off the leftovers my mom cooked for me while I was home a couple weeks ago...yuummmm.

I almost forgot when we were karaoking the other night. I selected Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina, and we never got to sing it as we had to leave. I wonder who sang it in place of us and how fun it was...

Post-30th BDay WrapUp

Here are some of the more compromising photos of the night. I'll post some nice wholesome ones later on.

I had a blast, and somehow got home in one piece with the help of Mike and Danielle. Unfortunately, I got sick all over my comforter that night. That hasn't happened for years, but I guess it's an appropriate ending to my three decades of life. I could have used that Tylenol that Jeff and Melissa included in my birthday card had I opened it that night. Danielle used so many towels to clean up that she had to wipe off with a hand towel the next morning after she showered. I was left with the dishtowel. Thanks Danielle - I owe you on your 30th BDay for taking such good care of me!

But a conservative looking male friend of mine, whose name shall remain anonymous and is anything BUT conservative in actuality, had the craziest story of all that night. He picked up a chick at Nublu, someone not attending for my bday, and they were making out within a matter of minutes. Upon during which the girl would alternate between kissing and then pushing him away saying "Get away from me!". She then invited him into the bathroom with him and peed and kissed him at the same time! He ends up leaving with the girl and getting in a cab together. Then she forgot where she lived while in the cab lost somewhere in Brooklyn. The cab driver got so pissed that he dumped them off on the side of the street. They got back in the cab again and drove around aimlessly to jog her memory of where she lived. My friend doesn't even live in the city, so he didn't have the option of going home. Finally, they found the apartment, but her keys didn't work! They woke up her roomie who let them in. He walked into her bedroom and found out that she was an artist. Her walls were covered with macabre artwork consisting of skeletons, dead babies with their lips sown shut, stuffed animals (taxidermy), etc. At this point, while she was in the bathroom, he walked out and questioned the sanity of this girl to her roommate. He claimed she was normal and just an "artist". At this point things started getting hot and heavy with the girl and my friend. Turns out she's a sadomasochist! Now, this post is already getting a little R rated, so I won't spare you with the details to make it NC-17. Finally, in the morning, she awoke and asked my friend who he was and what did they do. My friend was very disappointed and had hopes of getting to know her more. He said he never felt so used...let this be a lesson to you men out there!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


I celebrated my birthday early last night and went karaoking with my friend Mike and his friends. He'd been raving about his friend Misako who was in town visiting from Madison, WI. She's the Savage Love Onion cartoonist/shiatsu massage artist/and all around phenomenal Japanese Karaoke Star! Her website is Check it out!

I felt a little inadequate compared to all the professional karaokers at Planet Rose. With the help of Mike I sang Hard to Handle (the Black Crowes version), Come Away with Me by Norah Jones, and finally at the chime of midnight when I officially turned 30, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers. The Gambler was a hit, and the whole room sang along!

Getting ready for tonight's party, but still NO dress! 121 people and counting!

Friday, August 26, 2005

1 More Day till I become 20-10!

The above is how my friend looks at turning 30 - he refers to himself as 20-15! I'm getting really excited now, and not really scared anymore. So far, 114 of my closest friends are coming :) Getting ready to begin my yearly ritual of shopping for a new dress, getting my nails done, etc today before my friend Danielle drops in for the weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Days 2 and 3 of my workout routine, and I'm NOT feeling fine. Yesterday I had pains in unmentionable places. Today I took a pilates class, and the blond militant instructor with the perfect posturous(is this a word?) body chose me for her example to torture. Aren't you supposed to have MORE energy when you workout? I'm waiting for that to magically kick in some time in the near future.

12" Bar

Went to see my friend Madina spin last night, and it turned into a bigger affair than planned.

I'm not really one for tattoos, but Anisha's friend Radha had several stunning and very personal ones about her late brother Viplee, which she quoted out of a Cowboy Junkies song. I couldn't stop photographing her - she was so striking to me.

We ate microwave popcorn, watched the fully-devil-tattooed bartender suck on popsicles, measured each other's nose bridges, and argued whether natural disasters were beautiful or not.

The most shocking story of the night however, was the one Todd , a Friendster and now a friend of mine, told me of Raghubir Singh. My favorite photographer died in the apt of his boss' (who is a sculptor and was a friend of Singh's) apartment in which Todd works. Can you believe the irony of our meeting??? He gets to see Singh's photos every week staring at him behind his computer...I could only dream!

The Chinatown Bus from Tuesday Night

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I was Mistaken

My buddy Mike just informed me that I misunderstood the final few minutes of Six Feet Under. They were not Claire's visions, just everyone's eventual death. Again, truly depressing and I thought a bit strange, but maybe it really was well done. Mike and I can continue to argue about this.

I went to Philly yesterday for my first meeting while officially managing Cordalene. I'm very excited but daunted by all the work ahead. Mike, the singer cooked a lovely dinner, and then we all sat down to business for several hours. So happy to be working with such great guys.

The Chinatown bus ride there was pretty great...they usually race down there within an hour and a half. Met a guy on the bus who is now coming to my bday party on Saturday :) I can't tell you how many new friends I have because of the Chinatown bus! On the ride back, Jeff(the bassist of Cordalene, who ALSO happens to live in Brooklyn Heights) and I took the last 11pm bus, which this time was FULL of smelly and dirty things surrounding us. There was the woman with the smelly cat and the velcro bus strap next to Jeff's head that was covered with hair and other germ infested organisims. Everyone it seemed was shouting on their cell phones. We made about 4 pitstops to pick up random riders off the side of the road in Philly. We made it home in one piece despite all this and the exceedingly sharp turns. I did however like all the neon strips in the bus and the TVs that were just showing white noise. The Chinatown Party Bus!