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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My New Job

I'm really loving it so far. I've been working 12 hour days this week, and honestly, I wouldn't even know it.

Hopefully, my boss isn't reading this blog anymore as he joked with me that he read my MySpace page, checked out my photography, blog, etc. before hiring me. I heard of companies doing this, but I've never actually been told that I've been "MySpace checked" before.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

NJ Sucks!

I missed my flight to Phoenix leaving out of Newark airport because of so many different factors. Overall, I'm blaming it on Jersey. I had fun in NYC regardless of the stress on Friday.

Atlantic Antic 9.17.06

NYC International Pickle Day 9.17.06

Hot half sours were my favorite! Oh yeah, and the pickled garlic stalks. They even had Indian pickle with rice! Yummmm....

San Gennaro Festival 9.16.06

Regretfully, the original Dunk the Clown guy was no longer there - his replacement was so-so. We even checked out the MOB exhibit with original photos, paraphenalia, and evidence galore.

Irina's 30th BDay Party @ The National in Brighton Beach

I've confirmed the Russian-Indian connection. Next stop - Tatiana!

The Art Parade 9.9.06

My bestest parade by far this year. Even got a pic of Ashley & Elvis.