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Monday, June 26, 2006

Gay Pride Parade 6.25.06

This time from a rooftop view drinking some yummy sangria. There was a noticable plethora of charter schools and churches representing this year.

Dinosaur Barbeque - NYC

Not quite the same atmosphere as Syracuse, but very close. Instead of throwing straws at us, the waitress threw silverware. A little more dangerous than Syracuse ;)

My friend Lara whose birthday it was asked what the "Vegetable of the Day" was, and the waitress replied seriously "Fruit salad".

Totally worth the long trip to Harlem.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nick Lachey Behind the Music

I feel your pain Nick.

Fordham Picnic in the Park

Good times, but my thighs are still tremoring from the softball.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Full Moon

Back to the russian wedding. I've decided, if I was on death row, and my time was up - I would attend a russian wedding and die happy.

To the girl who was fighting with her boyfriend and rode the train alone quietly sobbing all the way to my stop, I feel your pain. Just saying "Guys Suck", and we were instant stranger-friends. Way to go socking your boyfriend with your Steve Madden shopping bag. I'm sure he deserved it.

The full moon outside my window peeking through the trees is magnificent. I have to say with a moon like this, who cares about not being able to see stars in the NYC sky.

Jay Z and Alicia Keys

Jay Z is smaller in person than the "larger than life" persona I remembered from when I worked on one of his videos a couple years ago.

Alicia Keys is even more stunning and glowing inside and out.

Russian Wedding 6.4.06

Best wishes to Irina and Vadim :) Boy are these weddings crazy. For those of you who have been to russian weddings before, why did you not warn me to prepare me to empty my belly, detox my liver, and wear comfortable shoes??